Know Us

Youth Advocacy Network (YAN) was formed by a group of aspiring young individuals in January 2005. YAN’s main objective is to advocate and ensure the meaningful partnership of young people in all national and international youth policies/programs related to Sustainable Development Goals. For that, YAN imparts advocacy trainings to empower the young people to advocate for their rights in communities. YAN is providing young people a safe and dynamic forum for discussions on Sustainable Development Goals, Human Rights focusing on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, Gender Equality, Civic Education, Peace and Intercultural Harmony in Pakistan.

Our Team

Governing Board

1. Ms. Hafsa Mehmood (Chairperson)
2. Mr. Fahad Riaz (Co-Chairperson)
3. Ms. Mujhgan Nazish (Secretary Finance)
4. Mr. Asim Nawaz Abbassi (Secretary General)
5. Ms. Hamyl Anjum (Governing Board Member)
6. Ms Laiba Zainab (Governing Board Member)

Support Staff

1. Mr. Fsahat Ul-Hassan (Founder-CEO)
2. Mr. Imran Ul Haq (Finance Manager)
3. Mr. Danish Tariq (Project Manager)
4. Ms. Hafsa Noor (Project Officer)
5. Ms. Rabiya Fayyaz Ahmed (Communication & Research Officer)
6. Ms. Surhan Ali (Social Media Officer)
7. Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Faisal Khaled (MEAL Officer)
8. Mr. Muhammad Tahir (Admin & Finance Officer)